The Hotel

The Hotel

Don Paco Hotel is located in Mindelo, São Vicente, a charming town filled with history and joyful people. The Morada (historical center) has one of the most vibrant cultural areas of the country, hosting the famous São Vicente Carnival, the renowned theatre festival Mindelact, and the distinguished arts and crafts fair, URDI. The hotel surroundings are filled with bars, coffee shops, museums, restaurants, and other services.

The Marginal Avenue, just a few steps away from the hotel, invites you for long walks and scenic views over the Monte Cara and the Porto Grande Bay. The Laginha beach, with its white sand and clear blue water, is only a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.


The hotel has 44 rooms with a superb view over Mindelo and the Porto Grande Bay, considered one of the most beautiful bays worldwide.

Restaurant and Bar

The hotel’s bar and restaurant, with its delicious menu and diversified offer, make the food and beverage area an example and reference in Mindelo.